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10th Annual Men’s Retreat with Eli Buren – Samsø August 17-21st

17. august 2022 @ 18:00


Awakening Depth, Discernment and Presence in your heart and actions

Wade beyond the surface ripples of mindless routine, false security, and endless tasks… dive into the deep mystery of being. And from that great ocean, re-engage life priorities with a finer tuned awareness and sensitivity. Ultimately learning to more gracefully meet the moment of right NOW and give what we are here to give the world.

During this workshop, you will

  • Discover what it takes to find and live in alignment with your life’s purpose.
  • Learn how to stay anchored in the depth of your being.
  • Train in breathing exercises to relax and deepen your awareness.
  • Understand the dynamics of sexual polarity and how it influences your intimate life, from attracting the partner you desire to deepening your chosen relationship.
  • Strengthen the warrior aspect of your being, and learn how to move into action with grace and vulnerable force.
  • Practice direct and honest reflection to serve both your own and other men’s growth.
  • Celebrate what is great, inspect what is outdated, and identify what the next step is in yourself and others.

See all the details here: 10th Annual Men’s retreat with Eli Buren

PLACE: Mellem-rummet Samsø, Denmark


  • 8.500 – 10.500,- DKK all incl. (depending on room option)
  • Previous Participants get a discount of DKK 1.000,-
  • Price includes facilitation, accommodation and full meals, but excluding transport to Samsø.


Please note, that this event was SOLD OUT the previous years –
If you want to register for 2022, please sign up asap

See all the details here: 10th Annual Men’s retreat with Eli Buren


17. august 2022
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Tomas Friis
40 31 40 14


Mellem-rummet, Samsø
Holmevej 3 Tanderup
8305 Samsø , 8305 Danmark
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